Katie & Chris Wedding ProgramKatie & Chris Wedding ProgramKatie & Chris Wedding ProgramKatie & Chris Wedding Program
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Katie and Chris have a peculiar story but the best couples do. They met and hit it off immediately but their “could have been” story goes back to Chris’ sister Emily’s wedding. Emily and Katie knew each other from their time teaching at Rocky Hill Elementary and Emily, being the thoughtful type, figured her wedding would be the perfect first date for Katie and her brother.

Katie was sweet and the ever-patient kindergarten teacher and Chris was, well, single and dateless at his sister’s wedding. Fate wasn’t ready and it just wasn’t the moment in life for those two and the blind wedding date never happened. However, nearly three years later Chris was still curious about that first date. Some things aren’t shaken from your mind, right?

Soon after moving back to Knoxville, he asked his sister “what ever happened to her” and the rest is history. Chris and Katie have spent a lot of time together since…

From North Carolina beaches, to lake Michigan, from the white sands of New Mexico to a winter trip to Chicago, and all the weekend road trips and camping! Their favorite thing to do is to just go on walks together.. and that’s exactly what their first date ended up being, a walk in the park!

Yes, the first year has been grand for these two and recently they have learned that the best way to spend quarantine is doing nothing at all with your soulmate and their dog.

Katie & Chris CoupleKatie & Chris Couple


Katie was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. She has a Masters in education (Go Vols!) and has been teaching kindergarten at Rocky Hill Elementary for 10 years.

She is very involved in her church, Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian, where she serves as an Elder. Houser, named after her memorable childhood home, is a well-trained golden doodle that Katie loves taking everywhere she can get away with.

Katie is kind and fun-loving, generous and self-assured, and shows so many of those close to her a deep love.


Chris was raised in Morristown, TN. He is the numbers guy with too many degrees to count! He is a data analyst at the ABS Group in Knoxville.

Chris has lived all over the US, but he most loves being in east Tennessee. He loves to camp, hike, and bike. Chris has taken Katie on some adventurous camping and biking trips!

Chris has a good natured, even keeled personality that Katie was drawn to. He is calm, supportive, generous, and he goes the extra mile to make Katie feel special and cherished every day.

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We are so grateful for your support and love. Cheers to love, health, and happiness!

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